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My Skincare Routine

Hello Everyone. This is my new video and I would love it if you could spend a few minutes watching it. 

4 years

Woah… 4 years how did that happen where have my boys from the stairs gone? Thankyou for everything


okay, I feel like a rant so I thought I’d just put it on here, if the same thing has happened to anyone else i’d love to know. Here I go. A few months ago I started talking to a boy that I go school with even though we never really spoke before a trip I went on with the school. I found out he liked me and we the started to message ALOT. Even though he wasn’t the best looking he was so kind to me and said all the right things because of this I started to fall for him and he made me smile. When he knew the time was right he asked me to be his girlfriend. I obviously said yes. Everytime I spoke about him or to him I had the biggest smile on my face, he made me so happy. After school most days we would each other round either of our houses. We always used to be cuddling and it was so nice to be in his arms. A couple of weeks ago he broke up with me over text, that night I cried myself to sleep. I wondered how a boy that was so kind could be so heartless. He said it was the distance because after  summer holidays we are going to different schools and it would be harder to break up after the holidays. I’ve seen him since out of school because we have mutual friends, this would be okay but we have ended up arguing and he has admitted he hates me. Despite this I still care about him and wish I was with him because we got on so well. I really have no idea how to get over him when i’m always thinking about him. Can anyone help?   

im so sorry ive been so inactive but im back so…. MY REQUEST BOX IS OPEN

My Trip To France 2014

Hello Please may everyone watch my new video thankyou :)

Please watch my April Favourites Video💕 - http://youtu.be/8_P2KZ_waDw


I’m doing a survey in my modern studies class so

Reblog if the media has had any influence on you regarding body image

If the media has had NO influence reblog this post

are you ready to hear 2011 songs in 2014 voices


Hey everyone please may you watch my new video. It’s a review on mascaras. Thankyou. x


Harry Styles can show up at my wedding any day. 
~ mh

He wont need to crash my wedding becuase he will be the groom
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